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Welcome to Janati Yoga School, located in Kingston, ON

At Janati we empower individuals through Love, Integrity, Community, Spirituality, Health and Well-Being, Growth, and Peace.

The Janati Yoga School is a values-driven organization. What does this mean? It means that our why (our values) leads us into how we do things, and what we offer.

Our teaching team has been talking for the past few months about what we value (our why) and how what we do at Janati allows us to express and ultimately live our values. We are excited to share this conversation with you!

Love (includes compassion, kindness, non-judgment): This is at the heart of all the practices that are shared through the container of Janati Yoga School. We believe that through love, so much healing, growth, and connection blooms.

Integrity (includes honesty, truth, professionalism): This is part of being values-driven as an organization. Through this we are encouraged and invited to speak our truth, to share our imperfections, to be where we are at in our individual experiences. We are willing to be uncomfortable together in a variety of ways, and through this we grow and mature. We do our best to lead by example – we are not gurus, but practitioners of holistic living. At Janati the teachers are supportive AND we also honour boundaries. We are not here to fix anyone, we are here to share the teachings and practices of Yoga and holistic living. We have a strong focus on safety: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is why trust runs deep in our space and community. We do our best as a business to “walk our talk” by doing what we say we’re going to do, owning our mistakes and making necessary apologies and amends, and responding to all inquiries (even if it takes time).

Community (includes teamwork, connection, collaboration, family, friends, teachers, students, everyone!): Through connection with community we are encouraged to grow. We hope to foster connections within ourselves (self-love and self-realization), between students and teachers, between students and other students, and within the greater community! Community allows wonderful opportunities to be of service, to make a difference, by helping each other and being as inclusive as we can. Some of the ways we practice this is through our well-trained teachers and smaller class sizes, and by hosting a more mature demographic, by offering props to support a variety of abilities, and by fostering a strong student-teacher relationship through our pre-registered class model.

Another part of valuing community is working with others to make something greater than we could individually. We do this within our team at Janati (look at the evolution of our Yoga Teacher Training program as a great example!), and into the community with Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market Yoga every summer, and hosting other teachers at Janati weekly and for special programs and workshops.

Spirituality (includes authenticity): Janati’s strong connection to the practice of compassionate non-judgment creates the space for each teacher to bring their authentic self into their teachings, and for each student to bring their authenticity into their practice. Given that we live in very stressful times where suffering abounds, a connection to spiritual practices within a loving community can be grounding and supportive.

Health and Well-being: Janati shares the practice of Yoga in the context of holistic living and not exclusively as a movement practice. We share a variety of Yoga practices, including intention setting, meditation, chanting, movement, philosophy, and community. We also have Practitioners of Ayurveda (diet and lifestyle medicine) and Feldenkrais Method ® (re-organizing body-brain connections or generic drugs) to support each of us to make health-promoting choices. We are a community of people who are choosing health consciously, as best as we can, day after day through our commitment to our self-care practices. No one can do this for us, we can only do it for ourselves, and it’s easier in good company.

Growth (includes creativity, learning, wisdom): We are proud to have a team of well-trained experienced teachers who continue to learn, grow, and deepen into their practices. This creates an evolving learning environment for the students, as their teachers are also dedicated students, and the teachers bring their new knowledge and learnings to class with them. We are deeply focused on the quality of teachings and practice, not quantity. Our establishment in our own personal practices allows us to support our students through their own unique, personal, and individual growth. As a business we are open to feedback, incorporating what we can that is in alignment with our values so we can grow and improve as a business too. And, we’re a school not a studio – we are focused on learning and growth!

Peace (includes calm, space): We cultivate a space that is welcoming, peaceful, calm, and warm where compassionate non-judgment is the foundation. We are often told that Janati has “great energy” and that it “feels good” to be in the space. Many sigh in relief as they come through the door – they are in a safe and loving space.

The sanskrit word Janati translates to “learn through experience”. If you are looking to experience any of the values above as part of your practice, join us! 

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For 2022 our programs will continue to be offered ONLINE via Zoom

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Laura McCrimmon

From this training I feel that maybe nobody sits perfectly in Dandasana or perfectly in Warrior II, but uniquely. This uniqueness is what makes every student and every teacher entirely perfect.

Andrea Gummo

The training was carried out in a respectful, safe atmosphere in which everyone felt valued and included. It was wonderful to see everyone progressing on their yoga journeys with the support and mutual learning of […]

Charlotte Bradley

Our discussions around yoga philosophy were my absolute favourite part of the course. I discovered my mind could bend even more than my body!

Kym Riley

The material covered in this course is invaluable and the practical experience helps you to be the best teacher that you can be.

Vicki Woolfrey

In this teacher training course, I was listened to, cared for, and encouraged to grow in my own direction by listening to the intuitive teacher inside.


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