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Takra – Ayurvedic Buttermilk

Welcome to the TAKRA page. Takra, which translates to Ayurvedic Digestive Buttermilk,  is a yogurt dilution that supports digestion in many ways: 

  1. Enkindles the digestive fire (agni)
  2. Supports the structure and integrity of the stomach (grahani)
  3. Heals the tissues of the digestive tract
  4. Promotes healthy elimination
  5. Moves metabolic wastes (ama) out of the system

Do check out the videos below along with the pdf as a quick reference. I hope this supports you on your path to digestive health and wellness!

Download the Recipe

The most commonly asked question I get is “can I use any yogurt for this?” and the answer is no. So far, here in Kingston ON Canada, I have found 2 suitable yogurts:

1. My favorite is a brand called Pinehedge Farms – it separates the best of all the ones I have tried and comes in a glass jar. There is a $1 deposit on the jar. Here is a photo of the label/jar:

Pinehedge Farms Organic Yogurt

2. My close second favorite is called Saugeen Country – it is light and tasty. It comes in a plastic container. Here is a photo of the container:

Saugeen Country Organic Yogurt

3. Here is another Yogurt: Mapleton Natural.

Saugeen Country Organic Yogurt

4. Finally Biemond Organic.

Saugeen Country Organic Yogurt

Video Tutorials


How To


There is one part in this video that I don’t feel I am clear about what I am saying and so I wanted to clarify. If you are feeling cool, use warming herbs in your takra. If you are feeling warm, use more cooling herbs in your takra. I am generally cold all the time, so I use warming herbs, however I suspect when the summer comes this might change. We can’t confuse feeling warm (pitta) with digestion (agni)…

Q & A

There was a question about kefir that I was unable to answer at the time of the recording. Since that time Dr. Anusha and I have talked about it and kefir is not appropriate to use instead of whole milk yogurt for takra. Kefir is a fermented food, and fermented foods by the nature of being fermented increase pitta dosha. Takra is by design a cooling food, which balances pitta dosha, and as pitta is balanced agni (digestive potential) regains its strength. Using kefir as the base for takra would have a pitta increasing effect, which is opposite what we are trying to do. The effect is different.

Recording and editing work done by Peter Rae of Domesplosion Sounds Labs – Thanks Pete!