Online Ayurveda Yoga Learning Courses

Online Yoga Courses

Welcome to our online courses! We are excited to offer you some learning opportunities right from your own computer 🙂 

Our first two courses are Ayurveda based. In order to purchase “Ayurveda Basics for Yogis”, you must complete the free “Introduction to Ayurveda Online”. 

In order to take the courses you will need to register with wordpress through the Janati website (it’s a different account than you would use to register for your workshops or weekly yoga classes). You can register using the side bar to on the right hand side of this page. –> 

There are more online courses to come and the next ones will be to deepen your knowledge of Yoga. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore these brilliant teachings – they help to make our world a more compassionate one. Enjoy!


Introduction to Ayurveda Online

Have you ever wondered what Ayurveda is and what it’s about?

If yes, then please enjoy 30 days of access to this complimentary course to give you an overview of this wonderful science. Read more.

Ayurveda 1: Ayurveda Basics for Yogis

Welcome to Ayurveda Basics for Yogis!

My intention in offering this course is to share with other yogis the foundational concepts of Ayurveda.

Why? Well, in my experience Ayurvedic Practices help us to deepen our Yoga practices. While Yoga works to refine the mind, Ayurveda works to stabilize, support, and energize the body – we need this to be successful in Yoga. I’ve also realized that Ayurveda adds a lens which allows us to use the tools and techniques of Yoga even more skillfully – and this part is very cool 🙂 Read more.

Postpartum Ayurvedic Self-Care for Mama

Welcome to Postpartum Ayurvedic Self-Care for Mama!

I am so excited to be offering this course to you! I designed this course to offer mom’s and mom’s-to-be a simple approach to self-care in the postpartum time, based on the ancient Ayurvedic teachings.

This course has many different modules – you can pick and choose what you want to work in, or you can do the entire program. The choice is yours. The course content is listed below – you can look through and see what the modules are. The course format uses video lectures, how to videos, audio files, and pdfs you can print (recipes and checklists).

It is important for you to know that this isn’t a course about raising children or navigating baby things – there are already many of these resources available. This course focuses on self-care for mama.  Read more.

Ayurveda 2: More Ayurveda for Yogis

ayurveda online course

Welcome to More Ayurveda for Yogis!

This online course is a required module for Janati Yoga’s 300-Hr Level Yoga Teacher Training (it is the second online Ayurveda course). And yet, even if you aren’t a yoga teacher or enrolled in our training you are welcome to take this course. It is great for anyone wanting to learn more about Ayurveda and its important concepts. Read more.

Spring Ayurvedic Digestive Reset (1 month)

spring ayurveda digestive reset

Enjoy the process of boosting your digestion, enhancing your circulation by eliminating build-up, and strengthening your immunity – it’s a powerful process and much needed after the hibernation season! Read more.

Living Your Yoga – Approaches to Yoga Practice

Welcome to Living Your Yoga!

This online course introduces you to a variety of styles of yoga practice, as described by experienced yoga teachers from each respective tradition.

Each teacher also generously shares how they live their yoga, and some even offer suggestions for upcoming yoga teachers, to help them on their path.

I would like to share my deepest gratitude with each teacher who shared their time and knowledge to make this project possible: Kate O’Donnell, Larissa Hall Carlson, Johnny Rowe, Jennifer Musial, Veronica Wolff-Casey, Swami Atmavidyanada Giri, Dr. Margrit Mikulus, Susan Young, Matthew Romantini, dallas delahunt, Kirsteen MacLeod, Perri VanRossem, Dawn Mauricio, Siobhan McAuley, and Josh McGirk.

Take care of your sildenafil and tadalafil medications prior to training.
This program was an honour to create. I hope you enjoy the journey through yoga, in its many modern day expressions.

with love,
m xo

ps. Those of you in our YTT program who are taking this program, please leave a comment at the end of each lesson with your biggest A-HA in that moment. I look forward to reading your A-HAs!



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