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We are changing how the weekly classes are offered. Let me share more with you…

The yoga world is going through a crazy big change due to the pandemic. Part of this is that it’s making it really hard for yoga teachers to survive (never mind thrive) in a pandemic economy. In order to help the teachers better support themselves financially through this, I’ve chosen that Janati will step back and give the teachers the full economic opportunity. Given what I’ve seen over the past many months in pandemic mode, I believe this is likely the only way that we’ll be able to keep our yoga teachers going, given the uncertain future of group yoga classes (breathing and sweating in a room together is far from pandemic friendly). When someone is no longer able to support themselves doing their work, they typically go find different work. The Janati Yoga teachers are so skilled and amazing, this would be a huge loss for our community.

In order to facilitate this transition, please find the active Janati teachers’ contact information below. Students will be able to reach out to the teachers directly for scheduling and payment details.

Please keep practicing with your teachers – it is so very important!!!


Alanna Kuhn

Janati Yoga School is the place to go when you need a calm sanctuary after a chaotic day. The studio is beautiful. The staff are friendly and helpful. The teachers are knowledgeable and are able […]

Restorative Yoga

Melanie Robb

Thank you for the opportunity to practice yoga! I won a session of classes from the Memorial Farmer’s Market, and I am very grateful to Janati Yoga School for their generosity. It is a very […]

Beginner Yoga

Cathy Nicholson

I am grateful that I discovered Janati. The yoga studio is absolutely spotless and the instructors are excellent. I look forward to going to class and feel an instant sense of peace when I walk […]

Babi Sugarman

Janati is not only to practice yoga. It is a place where I meet beautiful souls, re-connect with my body, and nurture my mind. Namaste.

Libby Macdonnell

At 74, I appreciate the gentle individual teaching, the beauty of the room, and the attention to inner awareness. Many thanks.

Restorative Flow


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