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We are currently offering all our programs using ZOOM online. Do reach out with any questions, or head over to our workshops page to sign up for our excellent programs.

We look forward to connecting with you online! 🙂 

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    Charlotte Bradley

    Our discussions around yoga philosophy were my absolute favourite part of the course. I discovered my mind could bend even more than my body!

    Laura McCrimmon

    From this training I feel that maybe nobody sits perfectly in Dandasana or perfectly in Warrior II, but uniquely. This uniqueness is what makes every student and every teacher entirely perfect.

    Vicki Woolfrey

    In this teacher training course, I was listened to, cared for, and encouraged to grow in my own direction by listening to the intuitive teacher inside.

    Kym Riley

    The material covered in this course is invaluable and the practical experience helps you to be the best teacher that you can be.

    Andrea Gummo

    The training was carried out in a respectful, safe atmosphere in which everyone felt valued and included. It was wonderful to see everyone progressing on their yoga journeys with the support and mutual learning of […]

    Libby Macdonnell

    At 74, I appreciate the gentle individual teaching, the beauty of the room, and the attention to inner awareness. Many thanks.

    Restorative Flow

    Alanna Kuhn

    Janati Yoga School is the place to go when you need a calm sanctuary after a chaotic day. The studio is beautiful. The staff are friendly and helpful. The teachers are knowledgeable and are able […]

    Restorative Yoga

    Cathy Nicholson

    I am grateful that I discovered Janati. The yoga studio is absolutely spotless and the instructors are excellent. I look forward to going to class and feel an instant sense of peace when I walk […]

    Babi Sugarman

    Janati is not only to practice yoga. It is a place where I meet beautiful souls, re-connect with my body, and nurture my mind. Namaste.

    Melanie Robb

    Thank you for the opportunity to practice yoga! I won a session of classes from the Memorial Farmer’s Market, and I am very grateful to Janati Yoga School for their generosity. It is a very […]

    Beginner Yoga

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