Janati Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at Janati

There are a variety of different teachers leading different class styles in our studios. Typically, classes run in 8-16 week periods, and are subject to registration numbers and availability. Not all classes listed below will be currently in session, but check back as we approach the end of the current period to see what’s coming next.


Regular Class Descriptions

~ Beginners ~

This is exactly what it sounds like – a class for people brand new to yoga! It’s also a good class for those who have only done yoga a few times, or who feel like they need a refresher.

In the beginner class we move through yoga slowly so we can take the time to stop and explain the poses and other techniques (like breathing, integration, and meditation) more thoroughly. A beginner series will take you through the main poses that you are likely to experience in the regular stream of classes, preparing you to take regular classes on our schedule.

~ Gentle ~

Gentle yoga poses and breathing practice to help you unwind, settle down, and relax deeply.

This all-levels class is for anyone seeking greater physical ease and stability, and a spacious “pause for breath”.

Those with tight muscles (either from athletics or desk jockeying), folks with injuries, mature bodies, new yoga students, and anyone with excessive stress, sleep issues, or anxiety – all will benefit.

~ Hatha ~

Hatha yoga involves the practice of postures, breath-work, integration (also relaxation), and meditation. Our hatha classes aim to teach to the students in the room – working with a variety of experiences, limitations, injuries, and strengths – so you can modify the practice to suit your needs. You can expect to stretch and strengthen, work and rest, and everything in between.

Everyone is welcome to this class – beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

~ Kundalini ~

Kundalini Yoga is a practice that involves postures, movement, breath-work, mantra (chanting) and meditation to harness the innate potential lying dormant within human beings to develop various aspects of the Self. This practice strengthens the nervous system, optimizes endocrine function, and an opportunity to integrate the body, mind, and spirit.

A typical class includes physical postures and dynamic exercises, followed by a deep relaxation, and closing with a meditation. Kundalini Yoga offers a diverse array of yoga sets and meditations – every class is a new experience.

Everyone is welcome to this class – beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

~ Open Practice ~

Open Practice is an opportunity for you to make space for your personal practice here at Janati. These practice times will not be guided by a teacher. Instead, you are invited to guide yourself through your personal practice in a space dedicated to yoga. We are creating a community of practice shared by those who recognize the value of regular practice.

Open Practice takes place Monday to Friday from 6am to 7:30am. The doors are open the whole time. Practitioners can come and go as they want during this 90 minute timeframe.

~ Power ~

Power yoga is a strong and challenging form of flow practice, which focuses on generating heat in the body while building strength and endurance. It includes many standing and balancing postures to strengthen the body and steady the mind.

We do all of this, while cultivating awareness and focus on the breath – breathing through challenging experiences – a skill we can take off our mats and into our daily lives.

Experience is required for this class. It is not appropriate for beginners.

~ Restorative ~

Known as the ‘dessert of yoga’, restorative practice cultivates relaxation, ease, and stillness with a focus on soothing and unwinding the nervous system, which is excellent for balancing the busyness of everyday life. This practice uses props for full support in each poses, so we can relax fully.

Everyone is welcome to this class – beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

~ Yin ~

Yin emphasizes working the connective tissues of the body, as opposed to the muscles. In order to access this particular tissue, we hold the poses for long periods of time (from 1 to 10 minutes). The postures work with gravity and the yogi is invited to maintain full attention to the experience. There is little to no emphasis on breath-work in this class.

Yin is simple, but not easy. Each pose is its own meditation.

Everyone is welcome to this class – beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

~ Yoga of 12 Step Recovery ~

A 12-step based meeting and yoga practice that integrates the 12 steps of recovery with the ancient wisdom of yoga. This is an open and inclusive group for people actively engaged in and who identify as being on the journey of addiction/alcohol recovery. 

This Janati sponsored program is held weekly on a drop in basis.

Due to the focused and sensitive nature of this practice, we review requests to attend as an observer on an individual basis to safeguard the anonymity and confidentiality of our yogis.

All levels of experience welcome (including no experience). 

Teachers: Susan Young and/or Jude Bursten


Alanna Kuhn

Janati Yoga School is the place to go when you need a calm sanctuary after a chaotic day. The studio is beautiful. The staff are friendly and helpful. The teachers are knowledgeable and are able to work with individuals with varying needs and goals. Mona Warner is the owner and a teacher. She is an incredible spirit with a wealth of knowledge. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are happy and thriving in their classes. My favourite class is the restorative yoga. It’s exactly what you need after a long week at work: calming, grounding, relaxing and rejuvenating. A wonderful way to start your weekend. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who is looking for a world class yoga experience.

Restorative Yoga

Melanie Robb

Thank you for the opportunity to practice yoga! I won a session of classes from the Memorial Farmer’s Market, and I am very grateful to Janati Yoga School for their generosity. It is a very welcoming place to try yoga for the first time. I really enjoyed the small classes and I appreciated the kindness and attentiveness of the instructor. I plan on signing up for more classes! Many thanks, Melanie

Beginner Yoga

Cathy Nicholson

I am grateful that I discovered Janati. The yoga studio is absolutely spotless and the instructors are excellent. I look forward to going to class and feel an instant sense of peace when I walk through their doors.

Babi Sugarman

Janati is not only to practice yoga. It is a place where I meet beautiful souls, re-connect with my body, and nurture my mind. Namaste.

Libby Macdonnell

At 74, I appreciate the gentle individual teaching, the beauty of the room, and the attention to inner awareness. Many thanks.

Restorative Flow


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