Ayurvedic Yoga Book

Yoga Instructors: Discover how to combine Yoga and Ayurveda to inspire students and deepen the practice!

Have you ever noticed how on windy days, people are distracted? Or when it’s hot outside, we are more irritable? Or how, in the middle of winter, we want to hibernate?

There’s a natural rhythm and pattern to these effects, one that can be explored and understood. Yoga practice is the tool that can help us do just that while bringing more balance into our ever-changing lives. All you need is a map.

Ayurveda provides that map!

Author Mona Warner’s new book, Ayurvedic Yoga: 3 Approaches to Teaching Ayurvedic Yoga, is designed for teachers who want to keep their group Yoga classes fresh, relevant and inspiring. It explores a new approach to Yoga that refines your understanding of how and when to use each practice in your toolkit. It encourages teachers to create classes that go beyond poses, using Ayurveda to balance specific aspects of your students’ lives.

Discover how the ancient practice of Yoga and the equally ancient medical science of Ayurveda can be combined in a way that compliments each other while honoring their unique individual elements. Mona will show you how this combination of modalities—one a medical science and the other a science of self-realization—can create more potency in the Yoga tools and techniques.

In this book, you’ll learn how to blend Ayurveda and Yoga together in a skillful and thoughtful way—a way that can turn Yoga into Ayurvedic medicine for yourself and your students. You’ll learn three unique approaches for bringing Ayurveda into group Yoga classes such as:

  • Qualities of nature (gunas): This is the language of Ayurveda and a fundamental concept to understand. Learn how to translate this into how you choose and teach the Yoga techniques.
  • Organizing energies of the body-mind (doshas): Increase your students’ well-being by connecting them to the rhythms of nature.
  • Special topics specific to Ayurveda, such as agni, sattva, and ojas.

The ancient wisdom and knowledge provided by Yoga and Ayurveda can inspire and revitalize your group Yoga practice. Join Mona on the journey of blending these two powerful and brilliant Vedic sciences to deepen the understanding and practice of both!

A note from Mona:

The book will be ready for release in January 2019, which honestly, is a little later than I expected. As more details become available I will post them here – promise! I plan to carry copies of the book at Janati, and it will be available for purchase on amazon. I will send out a newsletter with more details as things unfold. 

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to sharing Ayurvedic Yoga with you soon! 

m xo