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Welcome to Mona's Ayurveda Video Lessons

Welcome to our video class page. These video classes are professionally recorded (audio and video), and upon purchase you can download each to your computer to use as often as you want to support your personal home practice. 

Each class includes simple breath work, the ten churnings, sun salutations, seated spinal twist and integration. All three classes follow the same format, however each class is delivered in a way that works to balance a particular dosha (organizing energy of the body-mind). 

These classes are not designed for beginners (there aren't tons of modifications offered), those who are severely injured, or pregnant women. If you have attended my Ayurvedic Yoga class, then you'll have a sense of what the classes are like. 

Each class is $10 + HST. If you purchase all three, the the cost is $25 + HST. 

I hope that you enjoy these classes, and that they support your health and well-being through deepening your Yoga & Ayurveda practices. 


om shanti,

m xo

Vata Balancing Yoga Lesson

vata video lesson yoga practice

Pitta Balancing Yoga Lesson

pitta video lesson yoga practice

Kapha Balancing Yoga Lesson

kapha video lesson yoga practice

Ayurvedic Yoga Lessons Bundle

ayurvedic video lesson yoga practice