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Exciting NEWS!

I am very excited to share with everyone that moving forward I will be offering Ayurvedic Consultations and Ayurvedic Bodywork through Kingston Integrated Healthcare on Palace Road in Kingston ON. For those of you who are not from or around Kingston, I will continue to offer Ayurvedic Consultations online as well. 


The rates are: 

  1. Introductory Meeting (10mins) – Free
  2. Initial Consultation (up to 90mins) – $200
  3. Follow-up Consultation (up to 60mins) – $110
  4. Ayurvedic Bodywork (up to 90mins) – $130 *in-person only

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About Ayurvedic Consultations

What is Ayurveda?

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Recording Out-Takes & Get to know Mona…

Why work with Mona?

If there’s anything I have a lot of practice at, it’s getting back into a healthy balance – basically I’m good at getting back into alignment with my own unique rhythms and my “Self”.

All I want in this life is peace, joy, to be of service, and ease in being for myself and for everyone around me. I want to live life fully, vibrantly, enjoyably, and from my heart – which is hard if we don’t have the health, energy and grounding to support our path in life.

I have had the opportunity to overcome some big health challenges in my life:

  • anemia at age 3
  • heightened sensitivity
  • visual impairment
  • TONS of muscle sprains, strains, and dislocations leading to years of chronic pain
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • seizures (grand mal and petit mal on a monthly basis) from the ages of 23 to 31
  • multiple miscarriages
  • depression
  • and food sensitivities (including wheat, soy, and refined sugar)

Quite a fancy list, isn’t it?

One of my biggest challenges as I worked to improve my health and well-being so I could thrive in my life, was other people telling me what to do without listening to me (as if I was just like everyone else), and the harshness (or my perception of it) of many of the methods and options available to me. None of these were invented or created with the sensitive person in mind! I spent a long time looking for alternatives that were more subtle and gentle, yet equally as powerful. Guess what? I found brilliance in the teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda

And now, thanks to these teachings, tools and skills, I am living a life of vibrant health and service to my community!

I was born a teacher with a peace seeking soul, and how I live my life has to be in alignment with this. It’s my purpose. Helping others is my passion. Now I do both!

I specialize in teaching Yoga & Ayurveda – the sciences of mind and healthy lifestyle. I’m good at it, and I use these very teachings every single day in my own life. 

I work with a few simple principles:

  1. You are perfect as you are in this moment. I really and truly believe this.
  2. Each person is unique. How I work with you is unique to you. I don’t believe in one size fits all.
  3. The work we do together will be all about YOU. My role is as a teacher, mentor, guide and facilitator.
  4. Ayurveda teaches us that everything in the world is both a medicine and a poison at the exact same time! Through our work together we will discover what is your medicine
  5. I believe the power of Yoga & Ayurveda is in their subtlety. In our work we will go deep and work in the subtle. Wait and see the ripple effect this has!
  6. It’s about alignment & rhythm – We will discover your unique body-mind rhythms, and then you can align those with daily choices. As we clarify your unique rhythms, you’re going to learn what you say YES to, and what you say NO to.
  7. Each person has different ‘layers’ and part of our work together will be to to integrate the five layers of your being – the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

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“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”