200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Janati

200-Hour YTT Foundations at Janati

Starting in 2019 we are changing the format of our 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training program. This is a change we are very excited about, and we want to share more with you about why we’re doing what we’re doing. Those of you who know me know that I love to share the ‘method behind the madness’ – it’s my thing!

Over the past twelve years of offering yoga teacher training programs, I have noticed that many participants continue to have similar challenges; including maintaining their personal practice, consistency in self-care, and navigating the business side of teaching. I am also aware of the toll that being a teacher trainer has on the facilitator in terms of long teaching hours, working mostly on weekends, and missing out on family time.

Teacher training is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot going on, and a lot is required of both the facilitator and the trainees.

So I asked myself the question – how do we do this to better support student and teacher in this process? What can we change to make it better, and to give everyone a higher chance of success, health, and contribution?

I reached out to other great teacher trainers and asked if they were interested in collaborating with me, to create a YTT that has a diverse, immersed, and educated faculty. I am excited to say that Kathy Kennedy and Amber Potter will be joining me (Mona Warner), moving forward in our YTT program! 

More teachers = more wisdom = more benefit to the students.

This allows us to distribute the teaching load so that not one person is doing everything. A lesson we try to teach our students and is best received when we are also practicing it.
After some great conversation, Kathy, Amber, and I decided to break our YTT into two parts, to honor the two very important and yet distinct components required.

Part 1: The Deep Dive. This is a program focused on establishing daily practice and self-care routines so that these key components are in place. Other important topics include the Map of Yoga, Home Practice, Ayurveda, Mantra, and Meditation. 

This 65-hour program is open to anyone who wants to dive deeper into yoga, and who wants support in setting themselves up with daily practice and self-care routines. We take 20 students, and 5 teachers who want to go back to studenting 🙂 
Part 2: Yoga Teacher Training. Once you have The Deep Dive teachings under your belt, then it’s time to apply to Yoga Teacher Training. This program focuses exclusively on teaching yoga – sequencing and methodology, postures, breathwork, meditation, chanting, cleansing techniques of Hatha Yoga, anatomy, business of Yoga, ethics, teaching practicum, and philosophy.

This 140-hour program is open to those who have completed The Deep Dive pre-requisite. Admittance into YTT is by application and interview only – no online registrations. You can apply to YTT while in The Deep Dive program. We accept a maximum of 8 students in the Summer program, and 12 students in the Winter program. This professional certification program includes homework assignments and assisting outside of the YTT class time. Our program is demanding, and through this work, you will become a great teacher.


PANDEMIC MODE NOTE: Now in 2020 we have shifted BOTH these programs into an ONLINE format. We have spread out the offerings, to honour the sensitivity of the sense organs. For our YTT, we are also offering a pre-recorded self-study component to spread out the screen time. 


Our intention is to offer programs that set up our students for success – whether that be for you in practice (The Deep Dive), or in teaching (YTT).


We have decided to put a pause on our 200-Hour YTT program until 2023.



Laura McCrimmon

From this training I feel that maybe nobody sits perfectly in Dandasana or perfectly in Warrior II, but uniquely. This uniqueness is what makes every student and every teacher entirely perfect.

Andrea Gummo

The training was carried out in a respectful, safe atmosphere in which everyone felt valued and included. It was wonderful to see everyone progressing on their yoga journeys with the support and mutual learning of […]

Charlotte Bradley

Our discussions around yoga philosophy were my absolute favourite part of the course. I discovered my mind could bend even more than my body!

Kym Riley

The material covered in this course is invaluable and the practical experience helps you to be the best teacher that you can be.

Vicki Woolfrey

In this teacher training course, I was listened to, cared for, and encouraged to grow in my own direction by listening to the intuitive teacher inside.


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